The unholy warrior

The Unholy Warrior 

Pentragram at her feet, 
moon over head, 
Twenty candles at each of the five points, 
An open tomb in the center, 
She stands proud and, 
naked in the heart of it 
Sword over her head, 
Challise in front of her, 
As she slits her wrist, 
placing the blood in the dead warriors lips, 
She speaks: 

“Unholy Warrior, 
do not listen to the procfecy 
sleep thru the ages… 
Unholy Warrior 
walk with grace, 
do not be to proud… 
Unholy Warrior, 
Listen to me as I unearth your tomb, 
wake from your grave, 
drink this that I give you 

Live again, 
rise from your slumber, 
I call to you, 
A plight has befallen your land. 

I your queen call to you, 
My unholy warrior, 
your services are once again needed” 

As the grey haze parts the body lifts from his grave, 
The dust and decay seems to melt from his body, 
As youth he once was stands before you, 
Glimmering armor, 
The cloak like new, 
A sword reflecting her profile, 
His queen in all her glory, 
Now she is his undying love, 
For she awoke him 
As the moon shines down on him 
He smiles at her. 

” You called for me my Queen 
I hear you 
I am your unholy warrior 
that you summoned 

Here to do your bidding, 
Tell me of your plight 
speak of which bothers you 
For I am your answer 

I will live till you need me no more 
I will be your champion 
I will be your King 
I am the Unholy warrior 

Leave me with your people, 
Let them feal my wraith 
Let us lead them together 
Through the new age.” 

His hand reaches out to her, 
palm upwards, 
Fingers curled, 
Ebony hair flowing down around him 
Eyes black as night, 
She walks to him, 
He takes her hand , 
places a ring upon her finger 
same as his, 
They walk towrd the castle in the mists, 
As the ground swollows his tomb 
Until he is needed once more… 


Copy write 1999


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